Dark times are drawing near, as our future stands on the brink of oblivion. There is but one hope for this land, and it lies in the hands of a few. Chosen by fate, theirs is the path to legend. They are the heroes of this age, and these are their tales…

Welcome to the Tales of the Iron Coast Campaign!
A GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game set in the EVERTIDE Campaign Setting created by W. C. Everett and Jake Cranston.

For more information on all things EVERTIDE, be sure to check the wiki (currently a work in progress)

Tales of the Iron Coast is the continuation of a previous D&D 4e campaign of the same name that ran from approximately 2009 to 2011. Since then, the EVERTIDE setting has undergone some significant revisions, yet the core events of the original story remain the same.

Tales of the Iron Coast

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